is not tied to a certain place, it is boundless and takes me to wonderful locations that want to be shaped. Each project, whether it be a hotel, restaurant, shop, or sophisticated private space, deserves to be designed perfectly and reliably with passion and creativity. This is what I stand behind with Younique Home Design. To me, the lines between architecture and interior design are fluent. Nothing is self-contained – everything is interconnected. A lot of my projects are multidisciplinary, ranging from structural changes to devising furniture layouts. We are a one-stop company who will be at your side from the first draft until completion of the project, without ever losing sight of your goals and wishes.


Our creative power builds on a strong foundation and a realistic appreciation of our skills. It is important to us that we always find the perfect balance between creativity, technical feasibility, and incurring expenses. We tailor the many individual steps exactly to your needs. To us, this high degree of individuality involves constant learning and understanding. We embrace this challenge with pleasure.